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Animal Planet

Animal Planet is an English cable and satellite television channel based in the United States. The channel was introduced on 1st October of 1996 by the combined venture of Discovery Communications, and the British Broadcasting Corporation. Animal Planet broadcast programs related to science fiction, travel, history, discovery and wildlife, art and culture, food making, and numerous others genres. The channel is owned and operated by Discovery Communications Incorporation, an international mass media and entertainment company based in the United States.
Official Contact Number of Animal Planet for All General Inquiries / Support
Phone Number: +1 240-662-2000

Animal Planet Slogan, and Picture Format

The channel works under the slogan “Surprisingly Human” and is available in 1080i High-definition television (HDTV), and 480i Standard-definition television (SDTV) or 16:9 letterbox picture format. The parent company of Animal Planet has additionally introduced various commercial, and free-to-use applications for apple, smartphones, and Personal Computer users. The channel likewise has contribution with an enhanced range of communities.

Animal Planet Sister Channels, and Headquarters

Discovery Channel, TLC, Discovery Family, Discovery Fit and Health, Oprah Winfrey, American Heroes, and numerous others are the sister channels of Animal Planet. The channel provides educational as well as adventure programs specially designed to meet the requirement of audiences of all generations. Animal Planet is available in numerous regions, and territories across American, African, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asian, and European countries. The channel is being operated by headquarters located in Silver Spring, Maryland in the United States.

Animal Planet Corporate Headquarters:

1, Discovery Place, Silver Spring, MD 20910, Maryland, United States

Official Contact Number of Animal Planet:

+1 240-662-2000

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Animal Planet Phone Number Customer Service
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Animal Planet Customer Service Number Complaints and Reviews

Customer care male
Mr. Peter Panagi SaysMar 02, 2019

I am very interested in obtaining the DVD of a documentary you broadcast a few years ago, MERMAIDS: THE BODY FOUND and MERMAIDS: NEW EVIDENCE. Please advise. Thank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Cheynn40 SaysDec 30, 2018

Hello my name is winter in animal jam my user:Cheynn40 password:allanimals18 and i was playing some one gam o gramed me saying i choose you to be in my giveaway so i went 20 minutes later i traded my pink long she locked me out and unbuddies me. And please call me and please can you give it back. And may i please have a dark green and black headdress. Phone number:954-588-4339 please i want my pink long back :) :) :) :) :).

Customer care male
Mr. Steve Binckes SaysSep 05, 2016

Watching Sonic Sea on Sunday evening I was aghast to see that there was an advert for cruises slotted straight in. Talk about tactless, whoever let that one go needs reprimanding.

Customer care male
Mr. T Oliver SaysJul 29, 2016

My cookies were off so text didn't show and my communique would not send. I told you that you were idiots. I want to modify that. You are f---g idiots.

Customer care male
Mr. T Oliver SaysJul 29, 2016

You idiots need to make reaching your shows easier. I'm a fan and want to convey what the people mean to to them I can not cause you do not make them accessible. Idiots.

Customer care female
Ms. Ali Liguori SaysJul 05, 2016

Yukon men - theres an episode of them hunting a wolf pack. Wolves are more afraid of people then they are of them. Also it has nothing to do with the education of animals take that show and that tree house hunter show it has nothing to do with animals. Put it on the discovery channel PLEASE. Again the killing of wolves on Animal Planet that's seriously messed up. Animal Planet is my favorite channel and shouldn't have a show where they hunt and kill wild animals. Animal Planet should support conserving these wild animals rather than advertise them being hunted.

Customer care female
Ms. Linda Powers SaysJun 28, 2016

I watch all of your "vet" programs so when I saw the new (I am guessing) Vet Life I taped and watched a couple of episodes. I was very disappointed in the language used while not in their "practice environment". I have parrots in my house which I do not want repeating what they hear on TV so I am pretty selective on what is aired. I personally do not cuss and do not allow it in my home. Although it is not the "worst" like the "F" bomb, but is there really a need to keep saying "damn, hell, shit etc? Some may think I am prudish, but good language skills never go out of style. Sorry this program is off my List and DVR.

Customer care male
Mr. Zahid Ali Khan SaysMay 22, 2016

Iwas viewing Animal Planet on 20th May16 in Pakistan, it was about Big cat family and i saw a paralysed cub dragging itself which was looking quite cruel. Why cant we cage crippled animals who are helpless in walking and hunting their catch. I would request the concerned authorities to take up the issue with the higherups and help end the miseries of this cub as soon as possible. We should help such animals who are permanently disable and proper rehabilitation measures adopted to save the cub. Many thanks and hope that the cub be rescued.

Customer care female
Ms. Sue Bradley SaysMay 17, 2016

I have been wondering why "PITBULL and PAROLEES has not been on? I love that show. Please replyThank you.

Customer care female
Ms. Shantavia L Smith SaysApr 04, 2016

W have four raccoons at the top of our home we have two infants and 2older kids we need help.

Customer care female
Ms. Ana Brimfield Says Jun 22, 2016

Good move out then bitch.

Customer care female
Ms. Ann Allejandto SaysMar 31, 2016

Why why why oh why did you remove the CST programming of Orangutan Island and Escape to Chimp Eden only to replace it with Big Cat Diaries which have irked 6-7 CST for the same length of time? Do you realize that these primate programs have EXTREMELY loyal following even at that hour, that their Facebook pages are as active as if they were current new series, that a very loyal audience feels extremely attached to each of these casts, and that they are NOT interested in cute or bad cats and dogs, tree houses, Alaska, aquariums, or swimming pools, ? Our passion used to be yours-the stories of these threatened primates. We realize it is much more affordable to tell the stories of pools, tree houses, vets, domestic puppies and kittens, or Bigfoot We count on you to bring them to US. PLEASE restore the early morning programming of Chimp Eden and Orang utan Island, and PLEASE make season two of Orangutan Island available on DVD to theU. S.

Customer care male
Mr. Rahul Akela SaysMar 26, 2016

Show some birds program. Kids love to watch birds program. 8092288528.

Mary Customer Phone Number
Ms. Mary SaysFeb 09, 2016

I would like to know how you can condone breeding of animals that is suppose to be living in a rescue situation - etc. "Yankee Jungle" - I have watched this show and I think it looks dirty and the animals(in my opinion) do not have the proper amount of space and they purchase animals from the stock yard(like this past Saturday night 2/6/16)- some kind of goat. I read on the internet about the three white cubs that were born and then sold. That Is Wrong. They should not be breeding at all I thought that was the whole ideal behind sanctuaries - was to save animals - not breed. I do not watch the show any longer - I do not know for sure what happens to the animals. I watch Animal Planet ("Pit Bulls and Parolees" - GREAT SHOW. No breeding there. 423-200-8511.

Tammie Labor Customer Phone Number
Ms. Tammie Labor SaysDec 29, 2015

This is not a complaint I had Grandkids on one of your shows I will upload photo I just wanted to know when it would be on they do not want me to let them miss it The Dads name is Brandon Labor will you please email me when please and Thank you.

Animal Planet Phone Number Customer Care
Doris Chimera Customer Phone Number
Ms. Doris Chimera SaysDec 17, 2015

I bought two of the below gates. one gate was fine and the other had two defective hinges. I am seeking a replacement of the two defective hinges. one is bent and missing the pin holding the hinge together and the other hinge is bent and will not lay flat against the gate. I hope the picture is attached. PRODUCT DETAILS30''H x 63''W x 0. 5''DWood, metalModel number 2301126.

Customer care male
Mr. Craig Mitchell SaysOct 01, 2015

Bring back wild west Alaska. Cant wait till January.

Customer care male
Mr. Donnie Demastus SaysOct 01, 2015

You lied about when wild west alaska would be back on. The little skit you had Phred do on the facebook page says we will be back this summer. I know you had episodes taped already. Whats the deal. Everyone will lose interest and you will lose all the viewers.

Customer care male
Mr. Patrick Peterson SaysSep 28, 2015

My wife and I are very disappointed regrading your delay in airing Wild West Alaska Season 4 VERY.

Customer care male
Mr. Randy SaysSep 28, 2015

We want to see Wild West Alaska this fall.

Customer care male
Mr. Van Smith SaysSep 27, 2015

When are you going to air Wild West Alaska it's one of the best show's going on besides Yukon Men and Gold Rush it's not like Son's of gun's where all they make are machine gun's and fixes cannon's they fix guns' like you use would use for hunting mainly and it is a very good family show and the kind of teaches you a little about Alaska so I say put the show back on and should be on year round it's that good thanks Van Smith .

Customer care male
Mr. Rob SaysSep 27, 2015

You guys finally get some viewing that is not 100% agendized and you discontinue it. What foolish person is in charge of your programming. Put Wild West Alaska back on air.

Customer care female
Ms. Sherri Joiner SaysSep 27, 2015

Where is second half of Wild West Alaska? News of airing schedule would be nice for us fans that you promised more episodes to months ago. Have you looked at their website page to see how unhappy everyone is with Animal Planet?.

Customer care male
Mr. Keith Petrie SaysSep 13, 2015

Why is call of the wild-man not on? why is call of the wild man not filming? id like a rapid reply.

Customer care female
Ms. Patti Colbath SaysAug 31, 2015

I would very much appreciate you letting me know how you can condone the breeding of captive lions in Mount Vernon, Maine. We have watched you for many years, my son Max was on, yet I never had any idea that you would support such a thing even noting that three have been several complaints lodged against this facility.

Kim Customer Phone Number
Ms. Kim SaysMay 23, 2015

The man on this show "the w c inccendent " he wants to know why his dog do not like him anymore, it's because he's carrying a gun. The dog is scared of the gun fist off then everyone else has only been pushed by this thing zombie or whatever he thinks it is why did he be the only one so far that has gotten bit ? This is suppose to be a serious show, but I've been laughing all threw this show it's quite funny I mean I have grew up in some backwoods country, but no one acted like that I mean really .

Customer care female
Ms. Diane PriemDiBme SaysFeb 13, 2015

I am banned from Puppy chat ,a room I changed from new people being pushed away to now they get greeted with a Hi , and people with new names would come in treat me badly if I didn't answer their questions ,I make Bird toys big Macaw toys for a non profit sanctuary all day long every day , I do not get paid I donate my time to make their lives better . so my hands are busy and I would answer people when I could ,but some would say I was ignoring them ect . one called me mean for answering a different answer than my friend and went off I did tell her that I wouldn't be answering anymore of her questions if she couldn't appreciate when she did get an answer . maybe some thought that wasn't nice ,but it taught these kids to stop being so demanding , I tried my best to answer the non stop questions all day long people come in with ,I think the kids just want the attention as they as same things over . It gets old . a blog that is updated with all the info would help so as we wouldn't have

Customer care female
Ms. DiBmeustream name SaysFeb 13, 2015

I have unfairly banned from Puppy chat I have been nice to people helpful in the non stop questions they would ask me ,and some younger people I was busy and didn't answer them right away would get nasty to me . I never received any warnings, I infect was told by an Animal Planet employee that I would not get banned for voicing my opinion and then the next week she bans me saying I had complaints about me . Really is it that easy to get rid of people . I have many that also that wanted me to stay ,as I was leaving when I was being treated badly when I first started on Puppy chat . I was warned by people that the old timers will try to get me to leave they chased away many new people ,I did not let them do that to me. When I went into Kitten chat I was called a troll by a man just for talking in room .I did not turn him in others saw him do it also .Nobody told me this is all you needed to do was file a complaint , its pretty easy to get your friends to also .Many like me there . please

Customer care female
Ms. Cara Rivera Evers SaysJan 07, 2015

I am trying to enter the Ultimate Treehouse Giveaway Contest. In the fields required, I am not able to put in phone number, Gender or Video Supporter. I have worked tirelessly on my presentation. Can you please tell me when the fields are fixed. Thank you, Cara Rivera Evers.

Customer care female
Ms. Stephanie SaysNov 24, 2014

My dog was on dogs with jobs in 2000 have been trying to get the video he is 14 years old end of life want to get the video. He was the first nursing home dog at Highlands of Fort Thomas, Ky please help me out His name is Harvey and he is a west Highland Terrior. Thanks so much if I have to pay for a copy I will.

Customer care female
Ms. Helen Brower SaysNov 16, 2014

I am so disappointed that you canceled "Too Cute" on Animal Planet TV, and so are all my friends who are fans of the show. This was a really bad decision. By the way, you're harder to get in touch with than the Pope.

Customer care female
Ms. Stacy SaysOct 26, 2014

I bought one of the remote control dinosaurs and within the first hour the remote control didn't work. I exchanged it for another one and the same thing happened. Please advise what else I can do. I am not very happy with this product it should not have broke that fast.

Customer care female
Ms. Janet SaysOct 14, 2014

I have been tring to find out, when too cute will be back on. I found nothing. Please help.

Customer care male
Mr. James Harrison SaysMay 30, 2014

Interesting that a i have filed complaints against call of the wildmans abuses of animals and call for the show to be cancelled. Even provided evidence of the abuses, but you have not posted them here or responded. Appears that the complain department is a scam.

James harrison.

Customer care female
Ms. marylu ryan SaysOct 08, 2013

no complaint. love your too cute series. especially pipsqueak and snow flake. please tell me when this will be aired again. i had recorded it, but it got erased. i do not know why . i would like to record it again so i can show it to all my friens and relatives. it is the cutest thing i`ve ever seen. toooo cute is right. please let me know when it will be on again.thank you mary lu

Customer care female
Ms. Jan Says Oct 14, 2014

I have tried, and tried, over, and over to find when too cute is coming back on. Only to get a run around. This is very frustrating. I support specially monthly. If i do not get an answer to my question soon, i may not support them any longer. I do not want to do this because i want to help every animal i can.

Customer care user complaints